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Is there any connection between divorce and our social structure

MarryMax Team
07 Dec, 2021 -10 min read

We are all bounded together in our society by different relations. The roles and responsibilities of each person are also firmly connected. The invisible threads of social norms, cultures and beliefs hold us tightly in any relationship. Collectively, we called it social structure and it is mainly the building block of any society. It has different components like social status, groups, networks and society. A social structure has many benefits and advantages but it also has pitfalls when it comes to marriage, divorce and other marital life issues. Having a hundred thousand problems in your marital life makes you think of getting separated but taking this huge step in our society creates difficulties. 

Divorce is also a major life change that has far-reaching social, psychological, legal, personal, economic, and personal consequences. How our society reacts to divorce Divorce is a social issue and considered as a taboo, it involves the legal dissolution of marriage and the couple is separated. A divorce happens after a husband and wife decided not to live together anymore due to their adjustment problems. They agree to sign divorce papers that make them separated and again allow them to marry other people if they want to do so. It is ironic to see how our society reacts to divorce. The same society that claims to give women the utmost respect, does not wait for two minutes before blaming the woman for divorce. She is spoken of in sarcastic terms and is considered a coward for giving up on such a good relationship and for not putting up with the traditions that every other woman supposedly goes through. 

The people of our society make sure that they don’t miss a chance to comment on anyone’s divorce. She becomes a public property for everyone to comment on and is also considered a burden by her own family. Divorce as a social issue Divorce is deliberated as a serious problem in our society. People think as getting a divorce is just disturbing their social structure even if they want it for settlement of their life and things. In our society women are considered as the binding force in the family, they are believed to be responsible for whatever wrong is done. It has been argued that women invest more in the family, take a larger responsibility for marriage, and therefore perceive divorce as a greater failure. 

Challenging the establishment of the family in a normal manner and causing severe impacts on the physical and mental health of the individual especially, women. Similarly, Divorce also impacts a man’s life. People assume the reasons for divorce as he might be a drug addict, abusive and offensive, and other marital affairs even if he is not. The long-lasting impacts of divorce ruin one’s life. Reasons and impact of divorce Divorce is such a personal matter but it affects your whole social circle. The Studies collect various reasons of divorce in our society such as forced marriages, joined family system, lack of intimacy, regular disputes and fights, sexual demands and marital rapes, pre-marital affairs, higher education in women, Financial problems, misunderstandings, no baby, and also unawareness of his/her rights. 

There is a common sentence in our society that prevents you in taking every step that is against your social culture what people might say. And that is the major reason for victimized women for not getting divorced and remarry. They are absolutely fine with giving themselves the title of a strong woman who has made it through and suffered but cannot see a woman standing up for herself and putting an end to her suffering. As a result, it becomes so difficult for a divorced woman to function as a healthy individual of society.Remarry after Divorce You’ll face many pointed fingers when you try to remarry after a divorce. The status of divorced women in our society mainly assumed as bringing up children all alone throughout the entire life.

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