Picture Guideline

Guidelines for Creating a Picture

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

According to statistics profiles with a photo gets more hits rather than one without and are more likely to get communication. Your photo is the very first impression you are making on your matches. Use this tool in your favor and let your photo be the best example of you because your profile picture can show your personality without saying a word.

Prettiest thing you can wear is the "Smile"

Most human beings look more attractive when they smile, so make that smile your signature accessory. A grin or a smile definitely catches more attention as a happy profile than a pout or a serious face. Your smiling profile photo shows your contentment and positivity. We know you look cool in your sunglasses. Most people wouldn't wear a mask in a profile photo. So why wear sunglasses that cover half your face? Your matches want to see your gorgeous eyes. Remember an eye contact in the photo not only reveal your confidence but is as engaging as it is in person.

Quality is better than a Quantity

A good quality photo is going to make a big difference for your cover shot. According to studies, high resolution pictures in a landscape size and 3by4 portrait sizes receive the most interest and are a great opportunity to show off a snapshot of you in one of your favorite settings. Blurry, poor quality and very small images will minimize your chances of success.

Use Action Shots

A viewer should be able to learn something about you from your picture. For Example if you like walks on the beach, take a picture of you on the shoreline at sunset. Profile pictures that demonstrate your hobbies and interests like guitar playing, skiing or hiking, get more messages. It's OK to post a photo of you in a recliner or in a background of a wedding reception but your matches will really appreciate seeing you in a various settings like the great outdoors. Use your imagination and think about what you would like to see about someone else. Jump in the air, model a favorite hat or strike a decent pose. By presenting an action in front of a thoughtful or fun not distracting background, your profile photo can do wonders.

Posed for "Success" Hobbies

We are not saying that you need to be in tuxedo or a graduation hat, but you probably don't need to be in old sweatpants or shorts either. Good photos with functional clothing let your personality shine.

Choose "Recent" Photos:

Do not use photos that are more than a year old. Never underestimate the intelligence of a viewer who can easily correlate your age with your picture. You may not realize that meeting a match and having him or her look nothing like a photo makes people angry. Your matches want to see the current you, not a version of you from years past. Its best to be honest and you want to communicate with members who like you the way you are now.

Be the "Focus"

Your profile photo should definitely include….you. You will have plenty of opportunity to exchange photos that have your family and friends, but do not pose with your friends, or animals for your profile picture where you are not the main focal point. The more people in your picture, the more confusing it can be for your match.

Avoid "Selfies"

According to experts the profiles with selfies get negative response. Have a friend take your photo preferably outdoors. Super close-ups may reveal a playful or creative side, but are not the best representation for a large full size shot.

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