Report Concerns

Report Your Concern to Get Heard

  • No doubt our vigilant admin team scrutinizes each & every profile before approving it. Our only focus is quality assurance while grappling with fake/ fraudulent users.Even though some time it is very awkward when few users drift through the system for their own vested interests.
  • We do discard every day a good handful of profiles before they can get access the website. Arguably there are a few who may slip through but this is the point where we need your help to maintain the high quality of the site as desired by our users.
How to spot a "fake" or fraudulent" user .

Fake, bogus or fraudulent users may come in a number of forms and to pin point them is not an easy job. Here are a few warning signs to look out for

  1. Asks you for money whatever the reason.
  2. Jump to talk or chat on an outside email or messaging service.
  3. Foul mouthed / big mouthed in appearance.
  4. Asks your postal / mailing address for sending flowers or gifts.
  5. Provides inconsistent information about age, education, profession, marital status, profession & job.
  6. Avoid direct answer of a direct question.
How to report a suspicious or fake account
  1. By using your own good judgment, if you have come across a profile that gives you reasons to be fake go with your instincts and report this user right away to us, so we can further investigate the user's activities.
  2. You can block, remove & delete such user. You are also ethically required to report us by using the "Report Concern" option on the "My Profile" page.
  3. Be assured this process is wholly anonymous & the user will never be known that it was you who reported them.
Need help?
Need help?